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Getting access to the best bikes is quite a difficult task. The best bikes in the world are built by companies all across the world. Most of those companies are not located in Australia.  At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we have created channels to help you source for the bikes of your choice wherever they may be across the globe.

Indian Motorcycles

The history of motorbikes is quite deep as they have existed for over a century. Still, even in the 21st century, they remain as attractive as ever. Even more impressive is the reliability of these various models that have stood the test of time. So, it is okay that you are looking to get one of these classics. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we offer high-quality classic motorbikes for sale.

Sell Your Bike

After you might have used your bike for some time, you may feel the need to dispose of it. This can be for several reasons. Notwithstanding the reason for sale, the process of getting to sell your bike is quite complex and complicated. There are several moving parts for you to consider. However, there is nothing for you to worry about. We have got you covered. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we offer support to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience when selling your motorbikes.

Parts & Service

Upon purchasing your bike, there are several after-sale services that you will need for you to continue enjoying your vehicle. Amongst other things, you will need access to spare parts. You will also need quality technical services. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we offer both options to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience.

Side Cars

Although motorcycles can be trendy and fashionable, they are however limited in terms of functionality. For one, in terms of their space, they are limited. They can take only a few people and have no capacity for cargo. However, you can greatly increase their capacity through special additions. One of such innovative additions is the sidecar. The sidecar is a one-wheeled instrument designed to be attached on any side of your motorcycle to add extra capacity to the bike.

Motorbike Finance

Owning motorbikes can be a major financial investment. This is because motorbikes generally require some significant form of financial commitment. Either new or used, motorbikes do not come in a few hundred dollars. They are sold for several thousands of dollars. As a result, you have to think your way through your choices of getting a motorbike. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we provide motorbike finance to help you navigate your way through this. This way, you can easily get your dream motorbike.


While road transportation is comparatively safe, it is not without its dangers. In fact, bikes run even more risk. And when these skirmishes occur, they can lead to heavy financial problems. Thus, there is a need for you to secure yourself financially against cases like this. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we provide access to insurance covers. This way, you can stay protected.