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The idea of Indian Motorcycle Imports developed out of one man’s desire to help people achieve access to motorbikes. Today, the company has grown beyond that man into a fast-growing business helping people achieve their dreams of seamless and enjoyable motorcycle riding experience.

Whether you are searching for tips on managing your bike or looking for technicians to help you with maintenance and repair issues, we are the one-stop location for you.

How Do We Do This?


Getting access to the best bikes is quite a difficult task. The best bikes in the world are built by companies all across the world. Most of those companies are not located in Australia. The process of importation is not straightforward and is, at best, complicated. This makes many people go through dealers and intermediaries. Many times, it happens that people do not just get the best services from these persons.
We have been there and have experienced all of that, and we have created ways around all of it. We have created channels to help you source for the bikes of your choice wherever they may be across the globe.

Materials and Parts

Just as getting the bikes is difficult, getting their spare parts and other materials needed for you to use and manage your bike efficiently. The problem is not that parts are not available; the issue is that there is not enough quality out there.
The market is filled with counterfeit and substandard products and parts. To lure customers, they are sold much cheaper than the original ones. But most of these are dangerous as they can cause significant damage to your bike. You don't want that, and we don't want that for you either
Thus, to solve this, we have created channels to help you get the best materials and parts for your motorbike.

Education and Advisory

There is a lot involved in owning and managing your bike. From the process of purchasing, financing and ownership to managing, maintaining and securing insurance and eventually selling the bike. There is a lot for you to know.

But you should have no worries as we have got you covered. We have made it our duty to break down these seemingly complex topics into the most basic and practical forms so that you can understand and apply them.

Technical Support Access

In the course of using your bike, you will need technical assistance for repairs and maintenance projects. Sadly, however, there are not always high-quality technical persons around. For this, we have got you covered. We have some of the best technicians that you can find nationwide.

Product Development

Having worked in this space for so long, we know what the industry wants. Thus, in partnership with reputable organisations, we have embarked on developing innovative products that will give you superb riding experience. Some of these products are still in the pipeline.