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Our Parts & Services Offerings

Upon purchasing your bike, there are several after-sale services that you will need for you to continue enjoying your vehicle. Amongst other things, you will need access to spare parts. You will also need quality technical services. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we offer both options to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience.

Spare Parts

After some time of using your bike, specific parts of the bike will start to deteriorate. This happens to all bikes, irrespective of whether you acquired them new or used. When this happens, you have to replace those parts.

There are several places and dealers from whom you can get those parts, but you have to be careful. This is because there are a lot of counterfeit and substandard products in the market. Curiously, most of these parts are sold cheaply, making them tempting to buy.

We highly recommend that you go for genuine parts at all times. So, to ensure this, your best bet is to bank on us to provide your spare parts. This is even more important because getting a bad spare part comes with so many risks.

Why You Should Go for Genuine Parts and Pick Us

Here are some reasons why we are ideal for you!

Non-Genuine Parts Are Generally Dangerous

Trusted brands do not create the cheapest alternatives. Thus you cannot assure their credibility and quality. Often, we see that for the products to be sold cheap, they are usually made of poor inputs and materials. After some use, these products start to deteriorate and can cause damage or skirmishes to the rider.

Durability and Value for Money

Since they are made of superior and quality materials, the genuine parts tend to perform the functions they were made perfectly. They last long and give the user an overall value for money.


Manufacturers of genuine parts do offer several after-sale services. One of such are warranties and post-sale protections. That is, after purchase, if the parts develop any complications, you can always return them. We either help you get them fixed or give you a new one entirely. However, you should read the Terms and Conditions, to know which faults the warranties cover.

It is not an easy task to identify genuine products from fake ones. This is because they are usually designed to look similar. However, the best way to avoid fake products and get only quality ones is to get them from trusted suppliers. We fit into this requirement. So, pick us for your parts needs.


You will need maintenance services for your bike. This may either be caused by the bike developing some faults. It may also be part of routine and preventive maintenance efforts. Such maintenance makes include servicing, engine rebuilding, repairing, performance modifications and much more.

Getting access to qualified high-quality technicians can be a problem. However, we have got you covered. We have provided a database of top-notch, highly trusted technicians spread nationwide to help you with whatever technical issues you may be having.