Side Cars

Using Special Additions

Although motorcycles can be trendy and fashionable, they are however limited in terms of functionality. For one, in terms of their space, they are limited. They can take only a few people and have no capacity for cargo. However, you can greatly increase their capacity through special additions. One of such innovative additions is the sidecar. The sidecar is a one-wheeled instrument designed to be attached on any side of your motorcycle to add extra capacity to the bike.

The third side wheel is most times, not aligned directly or connected to the motorcycle’s other main wheels. Typically, the body of the sidecar creates space a single passenger seat. Right at the back of this seat is usually a trunk compartment which can be used to carry cargo, just like a car’s “boot.”

With the sidecar, the motorcycle stops being a two-wheeler and becomes a three-wheeled vehicle. After this transformation, your motorcycle can then be known as combination. Some call it an outfit or a hack. 

Sidecars may either be designed from scratch, in that the entire motorcycle will be designed as a sidecar. On the other hand, sidecar units can be manufactured and attached to already existing motorcycles. This is the more common option. At Indian Motorcycle Imports, we offer both options to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience.

We are currently designing a sidecar that will work best with contemporary Indian Motorcycles. Our sidecar is designed in a way to feature both the best of vintage features as well as modern technology and innovation. For instance, they will have the traditional sublimes that we are used to. However, their brakes and suspension will feature the latest technology.

Benefits of Getting A Sidecar

You may not know, but there is a lot to having a sidecar. Listed here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting a sidecar:

Can Engage In Rides In Groups

Riding can be pretty lonely. It is often only you on the bike, moving, with no one to chat with. The sidecar brings an end to all of that. With the sidecar, you can have an extra companion, such as a friend or family member, with whom you can embark on your tour. Thus, riding becomes much more enjoyable and fun. In essence, you get the benefits of riding, but with the added benefit of doing it with someone.

Extra Space to Move Luggage

Are you embarking on travel, such as to a camping location? You may want to take your bike, but the big problem with that is that space therein is very much limited. There is just so much that you can take along. With the sidecar, this concern comes to an end.

You now have so much ample space in which to store your luggage. Apart from the passenger seat, which is large enough for much luggage, there is usually a further trunk compartment specifically created for cargo. You can move much more and therefore enjoy your trip.